About Us

cats the real us

    We are a small business located in central Florida. We are animal lovers and have a couple  of cats ourselves which love to chase squirrels and frogs , watch minnows in the pond and climb stuff.   

    Unfortunately they still like to spend a lot of time indoors and specifically on the furniture.

   One afternoon I was watching them get crazy on a new couch. Cringing at the thought of their shredding it,  I attempted to shoo them to their cat pole in the corner. They scrambled but not to the cat pole, just everywhere else.

   That is when I realized they had little attraction toward the pole and more attention on actively chasing each other. They needed action. That is when it hit me that they needed an interactive pole, one that would lure them to it. And one that would do so even when we weren’t at home. The light bulb went on and I found my self at the drawing board, then in the garage, Home Depot, garage, back to the drawing board etc etc etc.

   A great deal of time and effort went in to the designing of CATNADO  to combine the ultimate in exercise  with a fun time for kitties and cats while making it as indestructible as possible.

    Once it was finally constructed and hung, it became very popular with everyone who saw it in action. It was not only a hit with the cats but fun for us all to watch them climb, swing, hide and ride.

   It was good to see them get their rowdy out on something other than our furniture.


We were suddenly caught up in the whirlwind of CATNADO’S Download from Kaths 1419growing demand and all the excitement——- took us  for a ride !


  So, we are excited to present CATNADO and hope you are going to get as much enjoyment from it as your cats do. 


                                                   You can e-mail us here.