It’s the Cats’ Meow !happpydance12

CATNADO is made of durable materials and promises to last.

     Careful workmanship goes into each product as if we were going to use it ourselves. We have done hundreds of hours of extensive testing to ensure we have a quality product that will take the onslaught of cats storming it for hours on end.

It is made of durable double-sided industrial carpet that cats can crawl and jump up and down on, both inside and out. It swings from a hook in the ceiling and is lots of fun and good exercise for any cat. Re-enforced cauterized edging. It stands 3 feet tall and is one foot in diameter at the top .

    Your CATNADO arrives ready to use. You simply need to hang it. 



                                            HANGING YOUR CATNADO

  You are provided with a two-option hanger that will work in 3/8’s inch or 1/2 inch sheet-rock or wood and wood-backed ceilings.

  Many customers have done well to remove a hanging plant and use an already existing hook as often their plant is heavier than the CATNADO. 

  However the CATNADO does get significant motion to it swinging and bouncing and if there is any question as to whether an existing hanger or fixture you may want to use is weak or attached to a weak spot in the ceiling such as water-damaged sheet-rock, this can be a poor option. Nothing can replace good judgement during installation.

  Hang it away from any wires or fixtures that have electricity associated with them. It is possible to compromise the integrity of electrical wires or electrical devices so do not attach directly to them. Also you don’t want it so close that your cat can reach them.  This keeps your kittens and you safe.

Although it weighs very little we obviously cannot monitor your  installation, so using good judgement and close inspection to where and to what you attach it is your responsibility

TIP:   Make sure you hang the CATNADO in a safe environment both for your cats and for your belongings. This could mean away from heavy objects precariously standing nearby that your cats could knock over. There is a lot of activity on and around the CATNADO, as can be seen by the video and when your cat or kitty gets rambunctious and excited he may not pay much attention to what he decides to bounce off of. 



  patio-hanging024  You will receive two hooks. This is so as to place your CATNADO in more than a single spot.

     An example might be in the living room as well as outside on a covered patio.  It is easily moved from one location to another

   And it works well when you have guests and you want your cat’s activity outside .








   It is not recommended to hang this product on water lines, curtain rods, lamp chains, electrical fans, etc.  Sometimes a water pipe is a tempting solution but often these are plastic or not themselves attached firmly and often something that looks substantial and is nailed in place may have been done so with no added strain or motion anticipated. Where you hang your CATNADO is a judgement call on your part and we cannot be held responsible for the installation or any results or repercussions for this installation. So please use good judgement during installation.



Fine Print. 

  We guarantee our product for materials and workmanship. Upon arrival should you find your product has been damaged, you can contact us at mailto:otherstuff@otherstuff.usand you will be eligible for a replacement  immediately upon our receiving your returned product. It must be shipped back to us prior to use and show a shipping date within two working days of your receipt of the product, and must be returned in the same container  in which it you received it.  After you have put the CATNADO to use there is normally no warranty available.  We can be contacted at  We are wholly interested in providing a quality product and work to achieve this aim.