Free Shipping!

       And we ship our product to you as quickly as possible once we have received your order and we  guarantee our product for materials and workmanship.

  The CATNADO is a tough product and we do not expect you to have any problem with it at all.

  Yet upon arrival, should you find your product has been damaged or it is defective in any way and you wish to return it, you can contact us at  to let us know and we will replace it given the 3 stipulations given below. 

Replacement of your product is only determined by

  • Your informing us immediately upon your receiving and inspection of the product and that you have determined it to be damaged upon delivery
  • Our receiving your returned unused product which shows a shipping date within two working days of your receiving it
  •  It is returned in the original container in which it arrived to you.  

  Due to the nature of the use it is expected to get, there is normally no warranty available after it has been put to use.   

  You can always contact us at . We are wholly interested in providing a quality product and work to achieve this aim.